Friday, July 2, 2010

Fitchburg Stage Race, the trip plus Stage 1

It has been one heck of a week!  Well there is a lot going on.  Helping friends move, racing in one of the most storied cycling races in the US, working one job, potsdam street fest, and then travel for another job!  So yes, things have been busy for sure.  I first want to say that I have taken some great pictures along the way, I just dont have my cables with me so cannot upload them yet.  They will be with time!

I made the trip down to Fitchburg, MA on  July 1st.  Only took a couple 6 hours to drive down which was not bad.  Race HQ is at the Courtyard Marriott in Fitchburg, great hotel.  I have stayed there a few times before and actually hang out in the lobby post race stealing free coffee, internet and watching world cup soccer.   Better then starbucks, coffee is a lot worse though.

The best part of the drive down was stopping at Noon Mark Diner.  Noonmark is located in Keene Valley, NY.  I was introduced to the wonderful diner through Camp Dudley.  Essentially every hike I went on through Dudley ended at Noon Mark.  Great camp for boys and girls, check it out.  Either way I made it safely to to Fitchburg and then back up to Rindge, NH where I will be staying for the week.  I am staying with a friends family from college.  Pictures to come of the lake soon too!

The race bike

Stage 1 was pretty boring and uneventful.  Essentially a 3 mile loop that we went around a ton of time.  Not technical what so ever, one good size climb and thats it.  I made it over just fine every time on the climb, went for a few intermediate sprints (didnt win any), went with moves, tried to race smart.  Racing smart is something that I do not do very well so trying to turn a new page in the book here.  Either way was a pack finish for me.  Technically I am sitting in 7th place, just tied for 7th with roughly 60 other guys too.

Recovery meal of champions

Tomorrow is the RR so we shall see how that goes.  Find out if I can climb or not.  I am leaning towards no.  As for the rest of the week, races here are finished on Monday afternoon.  I am floating around Boston and NH till wed when I will be doing college fairs Wed and Thursday.  I quickly jump into the car and head back to Canton.  I will be working at the shop friday and over the weekend during the Potsdam Street Festival.  I am in town for the week before heading off to Rochester, NY for more college fairs.  I am just everywhere this summer!

On an unrelated note, does anyone have opinions on cell phones?  I kinda want the Droid.  Do I get the original Droid now because it is in stock, wait for the Droid Incredible, or wait for the new Droid Moto X?  Oh the choices.

More updates to come tomorrow!

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