Saturday, December 25, 2010

Starting 2011

The team is in full swing training already for 2011.  We have managed to get our riders into the Tour of the Battenkill which hit almost 2,000 registered riders in the first 24 hours.  More importantly our team has been a blaze with emails and plans for training.  Currently we have two main training groups, the Potsdam crew and the Eastern Block (Peru, Chazy, Plattsburgh).
The Potsdam crew has a few set training times.  We are skate skiing at Higley on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are 8am.  Additionally we will be adding in a weekly trainer sessions above the shop at Wear On Earth on Wed nights at 6pm lasting two hours and led by Tim Akers who just started up NEC.  We will be tossing in a few weekend dates as well but nothing on the books yet.

The Eastern Block is a bit more of a mystery as I have yet to peer through the iron curtain.  The Block has set up some training camps on weekends and also some sessions up at VanHo.  What happens at these sessions is a mystery to us on the western front but we hope to make it over for an arms inspection soon.

Other training plans have been tossed around.  You will see Team Wear On Earth in full force at the Higley Hustle.  Also training weeks are being considered in Feb and one in March.  If you are interested in joining in on some of these training sessions please let us know!

You can expect an update on training next week along with a little recap of what we are specifically focusing on in this early part of the season, Base 1.  Till then Happy Holidays everyone!