Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tour of the Battenkill pro invitational

so as a rest day from the tour of the battenkill, i went back to cambridge, NY to watch the Tour of the Battenkill Pro Invitational. It was pretty quite and not many spectators were their yet, but i wasn't there to chit-chat i was there to for some "bike-porn."

*team raleigh bike of choice. 2012 militis 3

Only after the racers had huddled around a TV to see the end of the Amstel Gold Race was it time to start the race!

With 2.5-3hrs to kill i felt it would be nice to go see them suffer the way many riders did the day before at the pro-am tour of the battenkill.

the racers weren't bad but the car's were throwing up so much dust, it had to be hard breathing for the riders

After joining the armada of cars following the race and passing dropped riders it was back to the finish line to naturally see the finish of the race, with only a short 2.5 hour wait. then over the load speaker the riders were just outside 1k to go!

and then the big finale

and your winner of Tour of the Battenkill Pro Invitational 2012

Francisco Mancebo - Competitive Cyclist Racing Team

We're back

Yup the Team Wear on Earth blog is back....look forward to some upcoming blogs!!!!!