Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in the saddle

Well I am back at it, after a couple weeks off from a fairly good size crash in Fitchburg I am racing once again.  A brief recap of the crash, was mid pack descending after the main climb in the course. Two guys a few roads ahead of me crash and legit knocked out the entire field.  I ended up just hitting the pile of bikes and went down myself with a nice little concussion.

So I guess it effected me more then I thought.  I called home and I guess was pretty out of it.  Same with friends in the Cape I was trying to meet up with.  Also when driving back I got into my back seat of the car, not really sure why.  Other stupid things, I found out I put lemonaid in the cupboard, I dont remember this but it was pretty moldy and gross when discovered a few weeks later by someone else.  I did the same with milk however my cereal was nice and cold.  However this could also all be chalked up to me being an idiot, I like to blame the knock on the head. 

Fast forward two weeks to this past weekend.  I decided to enter the BBC Championship.  It is essentially a training race for me as I am not eligible for the championship not being a member of BBC.  Plus I had been on the bike twice since the crash.  It was a stupidly small field of 16.  A few guys fell off and it ended up being a team of 5 (we shall call Team A), team of 3 (Team B), myself and a two other guys on there own, really only 10 of us.  Going into the event I had a few goals, 1) stay up and 2) get into a break.  I didnt really care about the win because it meant nothing to me.

I went on one attack early on but no one came with so went back into the field.  The team A sent someone up and they were doing a great job of blocking.   I ended up bridging up to the solo break and we worked well together for a bit before being caught.  At this time they launched another guy off the front.  I recovered for a bit then tried to bridge up but it failed, came back.  3rd time was a charm and I got into another break with both of the teams represented, I thought it was going to stick but a 4th rider from Team A bridged up and attacked right away, I couldnt match and slowly drifted back into the remaining group.  I was simply gassed.  And I use the term "break" in a liberal way do to field size. 

At this time I got a nice little verbal lashing for letting the break happen by the Team B.  To the lines of "if you ever f'in do that again and put our team in a bad spot" so on so on.  At this moment I decided not to help Team B one bit on the chase.  I sat on the bike and chatted with the other team.  I put in another mini attack, really just wanting to hit the corner hard because it is fun to do.  Get another verbal lashing from Team B, given well deserved.

Overall great to ride again however I think it will probably be my last race with BBC.  They are only training races, dont count for anything, small fields, just not worth the extra effort to head to them.  Maybe I just have a bitter taste in my mouth.  I know I still have a lot to learn about racing myself so maybe I am just reading the entire situation wrong.

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