Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life on the road

As an admissions recruiter and a bike racer I spend a LOT of time on the road.  Essentially every weekend from March- November can be packed full of races from road to cross, the fall is constant travel in new cities for work, and the spring and summer brings random work trips as well.  It is a random, obscure, non-stop, crazy schedule.

Of course being on the road I cannot be far from my bike(s) and they come with me wherever I go staring at me from the back seat, heckling me wondering why I don't pay them more attention.  Being on the road isn't the 9-5 job leaving you time before or after work to ride, typically I am up at 6am and my days finishes around 9pm.  Being creative with your time management and efficient with your training time is key.

If you have a 2 hour window in the middle of the day that means a quick parking lot change and an hour of tempo before another parking lot change and back to work.  I was complaining about traffic on the ride from Lake Placid to Princeton, NJ to my good friend Allan Rego, his advice "pull over, get the bike out, ride for an hour and let the traffic pass."  Rego gets it, ride when you can.

Amazing things can happen when you are always ready for a ride, crossing paths with old friends, getting tours of Bicycling Magazines HQ, or exploring some of the dirt roads of eastern PA.  I could be missing out on the sock/dirt line from pave roads or amazing views.  Tomorrow will be an early morning meeting, morning ride, and meetings till 9pm.  Another day of riding when you can and doing what you want with what you have.

The week by the numbers:
1600 Miles in the car
5 major cities
4 rides
1 bike shop happy hour
1 wedding

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