Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Jersey Presentation

The yellow jersey is known to be the leaders jersey, depending on the race, and for that I'll make it our most victorious jersey. For a win at binghamton and becoming the NYS Men's cat 3 Crit Champ, Bruce Beauharnios is awarded the yellow jersey

The Green Jersey represents the points leader in the Tour De France, for us it represents most top ten finishes for the season. For this Kyle Gagnier is awarded the green jersey.

The Polka-dotted jersey, also known at the climbers jersey. Well i am going to make it the diverse riders jersey, which will be awarded to Ashton Momont. For not only competing on the road for a majority of the season, but competed competitively on the dirt as well. This included racing the newly organized Wilmington Race, which was a Leadville qualifying race.

The White jersey is known to be the best young rider in a peloton. I am not going to change it's meaning on bit and say Phil Neisser get the White jersey. Phil, in his first year, remained young at heart and never lost a smile throughout any race, no matter what devil's kitchen he was playing in.

The red jersey, known to be the leader of the vaulta, but the color can also be used for most aggressive rider throughout a stage. That's what i am going to make it, most aggressive. For his attacks at Syracuse, Concord, and GMSR Jeff Krywanczyk is awarded this jersey.

Pink Jersey - leader of the Giro. but we already have a leaders jersey. Therefore I will make the pink jersey the most improved rider. This I have to say is a tie between Mike Klein and Eric G. Mike showed tremendous dedication to racing this year and perhaps came into the best shape of his life. while Eric also showed the same dedication, making a huge leap in his racing career.

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