Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is in the air

Happy Spring Everyone,

Welcome back from the depths of winter. The time is here and I personally sit just a mere 4 days away from our first race. Now I know this is just an early season short race. It is just a good chance to get back out there and remember what it is like to be on the bike. For me this will be my first test to where I stand with my 2011 season goal of being competitive in road races. Nothing lofty just want to be part of the race, a few top 10's would be great as well.

After a disappointing season last year I decided that this year I would get serious about being a better cyclist. So I did what anyone who wants to improve would do, I found someone who had more experience to help me. After some research and talking with many athletes I came to the conclusion that the best solution for me would be getting a professional coach.

There are many services available to athletes like myself. I investigated and decided to go with a local company called Northern Endurance Coaching. As opposed to a completely online system, NEC offered a more interactive approach. They got to know me as an athlete and were willing to work with my goals. They have been designing my training plans for the last 10 weeks, and kicking my butt on the trainer and at the gym.

Since Jan 1st I have been working with my coach Tim. Boy was I in for a surprise when I found out what it would take to accomplish my goals. I have been exercising between 10-12hrs/week. Tim designs my weekly workout plans and puts them on a site called training peaks, where I can access them. It also allows me to upload my workouts from my power meter so that they can be reviewed.

My workouts are not just about putting hours on the bike! It is about putting the right hours on the bike. Even more important having a coach puts all the accountability on me. Every time I am thinking about ditching that last 10 min sprint workout, I realize that Tim will see my workout data . He's going to know I'm slacking! This is amazing motivation for me and has gotten me through many, many, many hours on the trainer this winter.

So now we are just about to race. I have trained. I have dieted. I have become mentally tougher than I have ever been with the motivation and will to win.

More importantly. I am healthier than I have ever been. I have changed my diet, to eat healthier more wholesome food to loose weight while keeping me energized through long workouts. I am exercising 6 days a week. I look and feel great.

What will happen this weekend when I have get on the tarmac and put myself and my machine up against 50 other competitors. Who knows, but in the end it doesn't matter, being active, fit, and healthy is reward enough for me. We all need to stay active, find something you enjoy and get out there and do it!

Have a great start to Spring everyone.

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