Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MassenaCross and my hero Doug Osborne

MassenaCross is still on and will be held October 2nd!

Forms have been submitted, the town park is being prepped, and the barriers being constructed. MassenaCross is in its first year and will be a non-competitive fun ride sanctioned through USA-Cycling. We wanted to introduce the sport to the community in a fun laid back setting with hopes of building it into a fully sanctioned event for points, prizes, and bragging rights.

Registration is just $20 and includes a free T-shirt to go with your day of fun. Register here!

I also wanted to let you know of my hero, Doug Osborne. Jeff K and I went down to Lake Placid to cheer on Doug. Doug is a freshman at UNH and has joined their cycling team. Doug in his first mtb race ever (as far as I know) took 3rd in the XC and 4th in the STCX. Not bad huh? Results can be found here. The XC was a pretty crazy course that was just crazy technical. Half the field actually missed a turn and cut the course short.

Team Wear On Earth plans on tackling more of the mountain biking scene next year with a second half transition to the trails. This will really help out riders like Doug who will then be hitting the collegiate season in full swing already racing/training on the trails. This doesnt mean we are neglecting the road as I plan to still be hitting up crits in the later part of the year, maybe I will actually race Thater (dear friends, please no more wedding on that weekend).



  1. I work Saturday's, but I will try to make it up as soon as possible. Seeing I don't have a bike to ride in this type of event, I can work it. Possibly do some photography for the event and somehow turning it into a public album for all the participants.

    Jeff K

  2. Jeff, you can just use a road bike or any mountain bike. Only hard part might be the sand pit and you can toss the bike over your shoulder for that.

  3. I'm new to Massena, and found out about the event too late. How was the turnout, and will it be happening again next year?

  4. Hey, pretty solid turnout for its first year. Next year we will be hosting a monthly training series (3 events).

    If you are big into cross there is a really great cross series up in Ottawa and other events all around NYS (like spacx.blogspot.com). Swing by the shop (Wear On Earth, Potsdam NY) or feel free to shoot me an email (tjakers at gmail dot com).