Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prepping for Green Mountain Stage Race

Well all of our hope lies on one person for GMSR, Jeff.  For one reason or another the rest of us cannot attend this great race.  GMSR is a four day event including a road race, circuit race, time trial, and crit.  Our team has done well in the past with various top 10's overall and in different stages. 

The team is picking up the bill for the hotel rooms for the trip.  I will be there the entire time helping Jeff with feeds and getting him to the races so he doesnt need to worry about a thing.  Ashton and Bruce will be present on Sunday for the finish on top of App Gap.  Now Jeff has done his thing as far as preparations go, it is now our turn to prepare as fans. 

You might ask how one prepares to be a fan at GMSR?  Well it starts with some amazing team apparel that just arrived in the form of team hoodies and polos.  We have one other vital aspect to the team apparel, green wigs.  Other parts of our cheering arsenal might include vuvuzela, cowbells, chalk, and what not.

Stay tuned for updates from the peanut gallery as Jeff tackles his first ever GMSR.  Pictures, videos, and blog post will be frequent!

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