Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gearing up for GMSR

*GMSR celebrates 10 years*

Sense the beginning of the season I've heard a lot about GMSR and this climb called APP Gap and rightfully so. GMSR is like the Tour de France of New England, with classic top of the mountain finishes, such as in stage three (App Gap). And now it is finally here Sept 3rd-6th.

Green Mountain Stage Race Website!!!!!!!

It defiantly has been a long season, with nonstop training and racing sense probably Jan. It has played a toll on many of the WOE racers and would be an epic finish with GMSR. Unfortunately with the long season and misfortunes, GMSR has slowly evaded the team. With individuals going to college, family commitments, burnouts, or simply just not having a bike to use. Out of a core of 7 to 8 races, only one remains to compete….myself (Jeff K). Tim is going to make the trip as well and run support for me and be in feed zones and help out when he can. Pretty much making the trip possible for me!

Getting ready for GMSR has been a little less than ideal seeing, I lost a few days to sickness after participating in a cold a rainy century and a colder TT. Not to mention having mechanical issues with my bike as well to throw in some extra stress. However, that has been cleaned up. So it’s been pretty much easy to moderate riding to get the legs back and hopefully go into the race with fresh and well-rested legs. I do have some concerns, but we will see how they play out during the races. For example descending Middlebury Gap with inexperienced riders and not being 100% comfortable on fast descents myself.

Race Schedule:
Stage 1 (TT) – 4/5 starts departing at 3:25pm (personal start time unknown)
Stage 2 (Circuit race) – 8:45am
Stage 3 (RR) – 9:30am
Stage 4 (Crit) – 8:30am

Stage 1 – 5.7 miles
Stage 2 – 53 miles
Stage 3 – 70 miles
Stage 4 – 15.5 miles
Total – 144.2 miles

Even though I am now racing alone, the thought of racing by myself has given me a little extra motivation. Before I have gone into races thinking okay, this is going to be a learning experience and if I do well, I do well. Not this time. This time I will not only be racing for WOE, but for all the racers that weren’t able to make the race. I will be participating in the category 4/5 field and I am sure there will be some sandbaggers going for the win this year, so given that I may not be the most experience or strongest rider out there, but it doesn’t mean I can’t give them hell.

Tim, recently posted…..a post, on motivation. Well these are the things that motivate me. Being able to look back on a day, whip the dirt of my face, look at my colleges and say “I gave it everything for ya.”

Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t beat me to the top of App Gap!!!!

*Young Moose going for the Finish line!*

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