Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Core Body

I came to some very important realizations today as I was sitting in Whole Foods over what might possibly be the worst cup of tomato basil soup I have ever had.  1) I am fat, 2) I am out of shape, 3) this soup really does suck, and lastly 4)  I have the weakest core body known to man kind.

Today, for me at least, the training has started up again.  As the above facts mentioned it will be starting with nutrition, gym work/core body, and once I get home lots of time on the trainer/rollers/skiing.  My nutrition plan is easy, dont eat foods with words on the ingredients list that 4 or more syllables long.  Workout wise I took a page out of Lance Armstrong's book and tweeted that I was going to workout...and needed core body routines.  To my surprise a response came with two routines.

I will share one with you now.  It is from beginner triathlete.com. I dont know much, but I know this kicked my butt so give it a try.  I did 15 reps of each.  Here they are...
  1. Standard Crunches
  2. Half Up Crunches
  3. Leg Lifts
  4. Side Crunches (left side)
  5. Side Planks with dips (left side)
  6. Leg extensions (left side)
  7. supermans
  8. Planks with leg extensions
  9. Push ups
  10. Side Crunches (right side)
  11. Side Plans with dips (right side)
  12. Leg extensions (right side)
  13. Heel touches
  14. Bicyles (fitting no?)
  15. Half ups with a twist
Well there it is.  With 15 each it is 325 various twisty turny crunch things.  I know this much, I wont be able to get out of bed in the morning.  As I said...weak core.  This will help.  Give it a try.  Have other good routines?  Share.

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