Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yes i know i used the cheesy catch phrase from the Mortal Combat games, but it is about the best title I can come up with for a weekend of such epic proportions. This weekend is the WOE training weekend, which will consist of at least 200 miles of riding and a ridiculous number of feet ascended. There may not be enough food in the Plattsburgh area to replace all the calories in which we are going to burn.

Day 1: A 50 mile or so ride around Wilmington, NY with the epic end of the ride Whiteface Mountain climb at the end...all 8 miles of it.

Day 2: Will consist of a morning recovery ride where we will most likely invade a local diner and fest on pancakes, filling our glycogen stores, and prepping ourselves for the classic Tour de Peru. We will be doing all 70 miles or so of it including: Arnold Hill, Burnt Hill, Big Hill, and Mother Cabrini.

Day 3: There is still a little confusion on to which exact course we want to take on this day, but it may lead us around Chazy Lake and possibly into the Lyon Mountain area.

We also have some fun ideas for shorter rides, such as a TTT, or a mtn bike ride around Point au Roch.

I am sure we will keep everyone a stamp....on our adventures this weekend and i promise we will try not to get into to much trouble. I already got yelled at today by some lady to get out of the road, during my 40 mile prologue ride.

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