Monday, May 24, 2010

Bring Back The Love for Cycling: Team Broccoli Style

If the Tour de Syracuse did not display some outstanding races and great performances, it may have shown the many clubs that participated the way a cycling team should be. Well managed, fit, glycogen full, and totally filled with shenanigans. Team Wear on Earth set a new bar for making racing events fun and more relaxing for everyone. The seriousness/nervous expressions from teams and individuals around us could not help but break down to laugh and smile. Wither it was from obscure comments, practical jokes, or straight explosive decompression Team Wear of Earth made everyone's day.

On numerous occasions people would come up to us and ask where we are from, how much they liked our kits, and at times some wanted to know if they could be on our team, probably jokingly but subconsciously they really wanted to be.

What really got peoples attention was during the final climb of the Road Race, which was a pretty respectable climb to the finish line. After the Cat. 3 and 5 races, Jeff (the Bold), Ashton (The Blind), Mike (the Squeaker), and Bruce (the Almighty) staged for a surprise to fellow teammates Doug and Tim. As Tim was on the finally climb, he soon found himself surrounded, not by competitors of the race, but by crazed teammates running besides him in bibs and socks. Tim, spectators, and racers, couldn't help but smile and laugh through the pain of the final climb. Yes I said spectators suffering from the pain of the climb. I think I got a cramp walking up it.

Even though we had our fun, our shenanigans did not affect anyone else. Wait! I take that back, it affected one guy. While warming up for the TT, Jeff finished his water and decided to throw the water bottle into the back of the WOE van. Jeff not knowing the power held within his Howitzers, thought he lightly tossed the bottle. However, the bottle flew hitting the top of the van, bounced over it, and hitting a racer in the head that was parked next to us. All I'm going to say is he shouldn't have been parked to close.

Even though this shenanigan filled team may have fooled around nonstop. It also showed that it could handle the road as well. The team finished with 7 top ten finishes (2 in the crit, 2 in the TT, and 3 in the road race) over the weekend. Bruce dropped the hammer during the TT and won it, passing at least 4 racers.

The trip ended with a stop to the famous Dinosaur restaurant. The team reminisced about the weekend while enjoy some awesome food. Everyone finished their plates, except for Jeff who couldn't man up to finish it. Also the bill showed that tired sleep deprived cyclist are not mathematicians. For it took probably as long to figure out the bill as it did for us to fest on our meals.

Team Wear on Earth, would also like to extend a HUGE "THANK YOU!!!!!!!" To Moe, who housed four members of the team and brought us to an excellent Italian restaurant, where we got a great meal and a pretty good show.

Official results from the Tour de Syracuse Omnium

Bruce B (Cat 3) - 6th overall
Tim A (Cat 4) - 12th overall
Jeff K (Cat 5 <35) - 5th overall
Ashton (Cat 5 < 35) - 8th overall also KOM
Mike K (Cat 5 < 35) - 17th overall
Eric G (Cat 5 35up) - 27th overall

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